Memoirs Of Enzo Ferrari's Lieutenant

Memoirs Of Enzo Ferrari's Lieutenant

Autore : Franco Gozzi
Genere : Libri, Biografie, diari e memorie, Biografie e autobiografie,
Leggere : 2808
Scarica : 2340
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Memoirs Of Enzo Ferrari's Lieutenant

  Since 1952 Ferrari and Pininfarina have been representing the most sophisticated and prestigious motor cars in the world's automotive production. For over forty years Pininfarina has been dressing the Ferrari with extraordinary mechanical components through a magic tradition of unapproached style and high-class. All this represents a great patrimony of technical know-how as well as refined taste. Both are collected and emphasized in this luxury book, which is illustrated by hundreds of lavish black and white and color photos and enriched by 44 precious original drawings expressly drawn for this book by well-known Italian artist, Giorgio Alisi. From the on-shot cars of the early Fifties, through the limited production of the following decades, every Ferrari-Pininfarina model is covered by an introductory text and by exhaustive technical specifications. In addition, engine and chassis numbers are published, together with the total production figures and the name of the most significant VIP customers through the years. 

La Vetta Degli Dei: 5

La Vetta Degli Dei: 5

Autore : Baku Yumemakura
Genere : Libri, Fumetti e manga, Manga,
Leggere : 1638
Scarica : 1365
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Autore : Silvia Ziche
Genere : Libri, Fumetti e manga, Strisce a fumetti,
Leggere : 234
Scarica : 195
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Bomboniere E Oggetti Regalo

Bomboniere E Oggetti Regalo

Autore : Barbara Oddone
Genere : Libri, Tempo libero, Fai da te e arti decorative,
Leggere : 2106
Scarica : 1755
Dimensioni del File : 11.66 MB
C.a.b. 102 - File #2

C.a.b. 102 - File #2

Autore : Marco Sicheri
Genere : Kindle Store, eBook Kindle, Fantascienza, Horror e Fantasy,
Leggere : 1560
Scarica : 1300
Dimensioni del File : 8.64 MB
Architettura Sensoriale

Architettura Sensoriale

Autore : Simone Micheli
Genere : Libri, Arte, cinema e fotografia, Architettura,
Leggere : 1794
Scarica : 1495
Dimensioni del File : 9.94 MB